Exhibitors Profiles


Water Treatment Plants
Desalination Plants
Water Bottle Companies
Asbestos, GRP, Fiber Glass, HDPE, PVC, G.I. Stainless Steel & Other Pipes
Water Treatment Chemicals
Water Coolers & Water Heaters
Water Savers & Water Scooters
Water Well Drilling Equipment & Accessories
Water SCADA Software
Warming Tapes
Valves-Gate, Butterfly, Air, Pressure Reducing
Irrigation System
Sanitary Wares & Accessories
Agriculture & Horticulture Equipment
Chlorination System
Dewatering Equipment
Waterproofing Products
Tanks/Reservoir Lining Materials
Fiber Glass Products
Manhole Covers
Micro Tunneling Equipment
Pipeline Coating Systems
Leak Detection Equipment
Water Transmission & Distribution related Products
Cooling & Heating Equipment
Diesel Engines
Distance Relays
Differential Relays
Earthing/Lighting Equipment & Accessories
Fan & Exhaust Systems
Firefighting Equipment & System
Fuel Handling & Injection system
FGRP Kiosks
Galvanizing Products
Gas Detectors
Geographic Information (GIS systems)
Gas Insulated Switchgear
Safety Equipment, PPE Items
Horizontal Drilling Equipment
Hydraulic Equipment & Tools
HRC Fuses Links/ MCCBs
Industrial & Power Automation
Instrumentation & Calibration
Insulation Material
Lifts & Escalators
Lighting Fixtures-Industrial & Residential
Industrial Linings
Magnetic Devices
Relays-Control & Protection
Ring Main Units (SF6)
Circuit Breakers
Cable Trays
Capacitor Banks
Switchgears/Distribution Boards/ Mini Distribution Pillars
Pocket Substations
Overhead Line Equipment Material/ Hardware & Accessories



Air-conditioning Chillers & Heat Exchangers
Air-purification & Cleaning Equipment
Air Curtains & Filters
Auto Reclose
Batteries & Battery Charges
Bearing & Gears
Industrial Belts
Bolts, Nuts & Chains
Hardware Tools, Tackles & Gaskets
Brake Parts & Lining
Cable Fault Locator
Cash Resin Transformer
Wire Manufacturing
Cable Joints & Accessories
Cable Tiles/Protection covers/ UPVC pipes
Calibration Equipment & Gauges
Protection Systems
Centrifugal Machineries
Industrial Chemicals & Products
Communication Systems & Equipment
Conduits & Electric Fittings
Control Systems-Industrial & Residential
Corrosion Control System
Control Safety, System Protection & Monitoring Equipment
Ceramic & Other Power Insulators 
Fault Recorders 
Energy, Meters-Consumer Connection Equipment Home Service Meters 
Partial Discharge Measurement Equipment 
On Load Tap Changer 
Main Panels & Distribution Boards 
Testing & Measurement Equipment 
Plastic Tubes, Rods & Sheets 
Pneumatic Tools & Tackles 
Power Coating Products 
Pressure Gauges 
Pressure Vessels 
Power Transformers / Distribution / Instrument / Voltage / Current Transformers 
Process Control Systems & SCADA 
Public Address System 
Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) 
Ring Main Units 
Radio Communications 
Refrigeration Equipment 
Rust Proofing Equipment 
Sandblasting Equipment 
Substation Control System 
Spraying Equipment 
Survey Equipment 
Tubing Works 
Uninterruptible Power Supply Equipment 
Ventilation Products 
Weighing Equipment 
Wire Products 
Home Appliances like Refrigerators, Air-conditioners, Dishwashers, Cookers, TV, PC, Light fittings, Wiring Switches & Accessories




A. Energy, Conservation Products & Technologies
• Energy, Water-saving Appliances:
– Air-Conditioners, Dishwashers, Refrigerators, Vacuum Cleaners, Washers / Dryers, Appliances
• Emerging Lighting Technologies:
– LED Devices, LED Materials, OLEDs
• Window Technologies:
– Window Glazing Technology for Residential & Commercial Buildings
– Advanced Framing Systems
– Vacuum Glazing
• Emerging HVAC & Water Heating Technologies
• Green Dispensing & Cooling Systems, Vending Machines Manufacturers
• Smart Grid Technologies

B. Environment Protection Products & Services
• Air Quality:
– Air Filtration Systems
– Air Purification, Deodorization Technology & Equipment
– Air Pollution & Gas Emission Control
– Indoor Air Quality Technology & Systems
• Eco-friendly Landscape Designs
• Biodegradable Products: Plastic, Paper, Organic

C. Clean Energy, Technologies
• Biomass Technologies
• Fuel Cell Technologies
• Solar Technologies:
– Photovoltaic, Solar Thermal
• Hydro Power Technologies

D. Recycling Technologies & Products
• Technology Recycling: e-waste
• Paper & Material Recycling

E. Environment-friendly Products & Smart Technologies
• Household:
– Appliances & Consumer Devices
– Consumer Electronics
– Household Appliances
– Green Components and Equipment for Electrical Appliances
– Home Automation Systems
– Green IT; Energy-efficient IT Technologies
• Industrial:
– Green Engineering &Technologies
– Eco-friendly Materials for Construction & Fitting
– Green Roof Systems and Green Walls

F. Corporate Sustainability
• Government, Regulatory Agencies, Institutions & Authorities
– Green Energy, Solutions Providers
– Municipalities & Government Authorities
– Environmental Management Companies
– Environmental Associations
– Sustainable Publications

G. Building Energy, Auditing
Software Products